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SEETEK S.A. based in Lugano, Switzerland assists airports to make intelligent use of the latest Information Technologies (IT) and is a leading system supplier and integrator in the Air Transport Industry. SEETEK S.A. has a proven track record in creating and managing precisely tailored IT architectures for airports in various countries around the globe. SEETEK S.A. supports its customer in all airport business aspects - from consulting and solution development to operating IT infrastructures and business processes so that all air and ground operation can run smoothly.

With our in-depth expertise and know-how of the airport business, we guarantee that our solutions will reduce operating costs, streamline airport ground operations, turnaround aircraft faster, lower congestion and tighten security at airports. Through commitment and dedication, we have earned a reputation for quality, service, innovation and value in the Air Transport Industry and our number one priority is to promptly deliver a comprehensive airport operational and management solution tailored to your specific needs and to your complete satisfaction.

Facing the Complex and Competitive Air Transport Industry has always been a challenging endeavor. Security is a serious challenge that is here to stay while, at the same time, demand for global air travel and cargo keeps rising faster than ever – bringing challenging opportunities for the entire industry. Meanwhile, the establishment of low-cost carriers and fierce competition among hub carriers and airports put further pressure on cost and capacity alike. Furthermore, airports are faced with instabilities within the airline industry and an operating environment plagued by deviations from flight schedules.

In such a context, one of the key issues facing airports today and into the future is the safe and efficient management of ground operations and services provided throughout the airport achieving fast return on investment while reducing operational costs.

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As strategic consultant, process architect and airport information technology provider in one
, SEETEK S.A. firmly believes the integration of IT across the entire airport can successfully assist airport operators and managers to make airport operations more efficient, maximize airport capacity and improve customer satisfaction, while increasing revenues and cutting operating expenses. IT can do more than enhance airport operation and managing processes. If used intelligently, it can improve transparency, flexibility, competitiveness and financial success.

Operational efficiencies need to be improved to achieve a more advantageous cost base without compromising growth, quality of service and security. This requires a pro-active approach to continuously update daily airport resource deployment schedules and finding effective ways to communicate with and direct airport staff and passengers throughout the airport. It can only be achieved by increased automation and airport system integration with airport management having a continuous, clear and timely view of the total airport business. To learn more on how SEETEK S.A. affects the bottom line of your company – click here

Creating and Managing Precisely Tailored IT Architectures is the Core Business of SEETEK S.A.
Each airport, airline or tenant operational system running with-in an airport is a unique entity and a combination of several and diverse subsystems that require complex integration. The complexity in airport business processes often causes lack of collaboration among parties like airport authorities, airlines, ground handling, and air traffic control within the airports. Moreover, subsystems used are mainly built on propriety technologies and cannot operate in a collaborative manner, thus preventing airport operators and other parties to establish an all integrated and fully automated airport management system.

Integration is the key to next-state airports and aviation – Integration and the SMART linking of all infrastructure layers to deliver a single view of operations is the key to airport operators and aviation stakeholders to enable more collaborative and responsive decision-making as well as creating a real-time cost-efficient business environment. Airport operators also should have the managerial insight to plan and forecast the airport operations hence increase the revenue while promoting the airport and enhancing its service quality.

The high-tech airport Information Technology solutions delivered by SEETEK S.A. also include the SMART Systems delivered by our technology affiliate SPEA Airport Systems in Italy that has a solid track record for developing, deploying and supporting innovative Airport Management Systems since 1994. If required we also deliver a robust network of reliable hardware and SEETEK S.A. has the capability to do the structured cabling (wired networks) and set up the wireless networks to connect the PCs, routers, scanners, printers and other devices.

SEETEK S.A – Your One Stop Airport IT Solution Provider of CHOICE!
Putting new technology to good use becomes therefore inevitable for ensuring smooth running operations, lowering operational costs and ultimately in the airport. In other words, utilizing the resources with full efficiency, while keeping productivity in mind, becomes the key factor in becoming competitive in airport management business. With its in-depth expertise and know-how of the airport business SEETEK offers the best solutions, utilizing a large portfolio of complete services and delivering turnkey complete solutions for airport projects with all sizes while ensuring no business interruption and enabling airport operators focus on their core business.

SEETEK S.A. supports its clients in leveraging Information Technology in all airport business aspects. We are specialists in information processing automation, system integration, network infrastructure and connectivity. As strategic consultant, process architect and airport Information Technology provider in one, SEETEK S.A. firmly believes that the integration and intelligent use of IT across the entire airport can successfully assist airport operators and managers to perform airport operations more efficient, maximize airport capacity and improve customer satisfaction. This will result in increasing revenues, cutting operating expenses and improving transparency, flexibility, competitiveness and financial success.

SEETEK S.A has strong management and highly specialized technical capabilities within our group of companies and we are fortunate to have some of the best, most talented and qualified individuals in our business. With more than 20 years of experience within the Air Transport Industry we found that our biggest asset is our dedicated staff that has been with been with us for many years.

When you utilize the SEETEK you know that everyone that you deal with is experienced, qualified and certified to do their job well. Whether you need it all or just a part of it – You have found the trust us to provide solutions to their airport management needs.
We are specialists in creating and managing precisely tailored Airport IT architectures. Our number one priority is to exceed our client’s expectations every time by deliver a comprehensive turnkey Airport Management Solution tailored to your specific needs to improve efficiencies and reduce operating costs.
SEETEK is an experienced and knowledgeable master systems supplier and integrator maximizing the benefit of your investment. We have the resources and capably to support your solution during its full life cycle. Our range of services encompasses all steps required to create a fully integrated and complete solution.
Our SMART Systems are really smart! We take functionality beyond human capability. Our systems use comprehensive expert rule engines and sophisticated algorithms to optimize, resolve conflicts and provide decision support. Our high technology systems are stabile, reliable, modular in design and easy to expand.
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